BGS hopes to turn our students into global citizens by instilling values of cultural acceptance and global awareness. Our Sister School Cultural Exchange Program does this by:


- Exposing students to the lifestyles of their peers living in different countries all over the world.


- Showing students that despite cultural differences, fundamentally, all people are the same.


To implement the program effectively, we have created an interactive program between BGS and schools across the globe. Students at the various schools communicate using various formats and different modes of information sharing such as…


Video Conferencing Exchange

- Q & A

- Sharing a presentation

- Sharing a video

- Sharing and activity

- Games


Letter/Package Exchange


- Pen-pal type exchange where students get to know a peer at this sister school through letter format.




- Forum discussions


Teachers in the Sister School Program coordinate and collaborate to create a cross-cultural curriculum for their students. Students share information on various themes and exchange their opinions and views on topics including:


- Social and Cultural Discussions

- Public Health Awareness

- Science, Maths & Technology

- Art and Crafts

- Performing Arts


The aim of this program is not only to experience a culture that is different from their own, but to reveal common humanity.


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