BGS firmly believes that an educational institution is only as good as its faculty.

The dedicated faculty and staff work to build an intellectual community. Faculty members serve as teachers, counselors, mentors, and friends. They are intensely devoted to the success of their students. Every faculty member leads by example. Each faculty member at BGS is a professional with several years of experience in teaching and mentoring children.

We believe that a teacher is not just a source of wisdom and knowledge. A teacher takes on such varied roles such as leader and motivator, friend and guide, role model and mentor.

All supervisors, teachers, and assistant teachers are trained in Early Childhood Education. Additionally, the school enforces a policy of continuous professional development, requiring the teaching staff to stay up-to-date with new information in this specialized field of education.

Familiar with converging technologies and aiding in lesson plans, faculty at BGS are a vital bridge between knowledge and learning.

Compassionate and committed, the faculty at BGS strives to motivate and inspire all students, to recognize and seize opportunity, and to develop themselves into better individuals.



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