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Our goal at BGS is to achieve excellence in education without compromising the basic skills and values of life.

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Provide a safe, clean, well maintained, energy sustainable school facility which aligns with the needs of  the 21st century learner




Spacious purpose built school facility with some palladium style French windows allowing for natural sunlight throughout the school.  Main building overlooks a courtyard with eucalyptus trees.  Middle High School building overlooks the soccer field and date trees. School facility is continuously updated and maintained under the Green Building Program or Sustainable Building Program. 


Faculty members are situated throughout the school in small pods or groups allowing for ease in accessibility and team collaborative brain storming sessions.  Students are also able to reach out to advocates at any time.  


BGS facilities include:

  • Spacious classrooms with natural light in each classroom

  • Cafeteria Hub with French style windows

  • Computer Learning Center

  • Media Room

  • Library

  • Art Studio

  • Elementary Science Lab

  • Chemistry Lab

  • Biology Lab

  • Physics and Math Lab

  • Maker Space

  • Gym/multipurpose room

  • Outdoor Playground with slides

  • Outdoor sandbox shaded by Eucalyptus trees

  • Outdoor soccer field

  • Teachers planning areas

  • School-wide secure Wi-Fi Access

  • Audio-Visual Aids

  • College Prep Suite

  • Counselor Suite


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