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Our goal at BGS is to achieve excellence in education without compromising the basic skills and values of life.

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As a Team we empower each other with the unique gifts that come from our heart.  Let the BGS TEAM continue to inspire innovation with the passion that will forever remain in each child’s heart.

The elements of humanity, after all, are irreplaceable…..


BGS firmly believes that an educational institution is only as good as its faculty.  Each senior teaching faculty member at BGS is a professional with several years of experience in teaching and mentoring children. Faculty members have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.  

BGS enforces a policy of continuous professional development, requiring the team to stay up-to-date with new information in this specialized field of education. Professional Development opportunities are provided by the institution in accordance with the individual and collective needs of the teaching staff.  All supervisors, teachers, and assistant teachers are trained in various disciplines ranging from collaborative learning, classroom management, instructional strategies, project based learning, basic information technology, and STEM/STEAM curriculum integration.

The goal at BGS is to achieve excellence in education without compromising the basic skills and values of life.  Life is dynamic which brings change to the way we are, the way we think and the way we learn. Our students’ accomplishments is a reflection of our success.  In this circle of life, the persistence for patience and the patience for persistence are one.  We must remember who we are, WE are all ONE.  The ability to get along and work as a cohesive team among a diverse group of individuals from various countries is a basic elemental requirement at BGS.


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